CoralArc by ROSOxROLA shortlisted in ADA Awards 2022

CoralArc, an installation designed by Shih-Yuan Wang (ROLA, NYCU) and Yu-Ting Sheng (ROSO COOP, FCU) for Pingtung Luo Shan Fung Art Festival 2022, has been shortlisted in ADA Award 2022 for Emerging Architect!

CoralArc utilizes algorithms to simulate the rules of pushing, replicating, growing and expanding among coral tiny cells. After dynamic stacking along the time axis, it gradually forms a beautiful form of complex organic curved surfaces. ROLA is committed to computing design, robotic 3D printing technology and new materials research. The work utilizes transparent materials to express the beautiful changing form and pure luster of undersea corals, while its colors are the coexistences of the people interacting with the lights, as well as the scenery on the beautiful bay. Through the properties of material and the curves of form, it echoes the endless coastline and sky when the viewer looks out at the sea, and shows different appearances in different periods.


ROSO X ROLA is a cross-disciplinary design team focus on solutions for smart construction using innovative robotic technology and computational design. The team is the collaboration between two robotic labs from NYCU and FCU. ROLA (RObotic LAboratory), Lead: Shih-Yuan Wang, Assistant Professor. Graduate Institute of Architecture, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University. ROSO COOP, Lead: Yu-Ting Sheng, Assistant Professor. School of Architecture, Feng Chia University. Photograph credits: FIXER Photographic Studio, ROSO COOP
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