Steve Giralt, “Cinema Robots and Visual Engineering”

Prof. Shih-Yuan Wang had invited Steve Giralt, the Director of The Garage to give a lecture share the story of the industry and his firm.

  • Title: Cinema Robots and Visual Engineering
  • Speaker: Steve Giralt, Director of The Garage
  • Time: 21:00, Thursday, 2021-07-29 
  • Contact: Shih-Yuan Wang, Assistant Professor

Steve Giralt

Visual Engineer, Equal parts right and left brain, he is a Director, DP, with a side of Engineer. Tabletop storytelling is his absolute passion! He started his career as a still photographer shooting stills for big brands and magazines. Today, Steve is constantly building, making, creating, and generally doing something creative as he doesn’t really sit still.

The Garage

 The Garage website

The garage is a technologically driven, visual innovation production company with a passion for making amazing visual brand stories. Fueled by our need to look at things differently and our out-of-the-box thinking, we are constantly pushing the art of visual storytelling forward.

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