Tien Ling & Hsuan Fan exhibition “High Speed Relationship”

Venue | National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
Time | August 28 – October 3, 2021
Media | 12 Channels Digital Imaging, 540 minutes

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LING Tien is a native of Taichung and an assistant professor in the Graduate Institute of Architecture, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University. He used to teach architecture at Cornell University, Tunghai University, and National Cheng Kung University. He earned his M.Arch. from Cornell University, B.Arch. from Shih Chien University, and BSME from National Taiwan University. His research interests focus on architectural design education, urban space observation, digital space culture, and contemporary media presentation.

FAN Hsuan

FAN Hsuan is a freelancer. She received BArch from Tunghai University. She has experiences in architecture and interior design, exhibition and event space design, imaging. She also passionates in comprehend the context of self-orientation through text, image, and space.

About the Work

Real-time High Speed Rail Experiences Taiwan High Speed Rail spans 350 kilometers in as few as 105 minutes at 300 km/h, covering 83 meters in a second. What physical and mental experiences do these distances and numbers evoke? “High Speed Relations” corresponds to actual schedules of the rail service and each segment of the work is equivalent to a two-hour journey. Using real commutes as a reference framework for time and space, the project showcases the experience of speed and movement, one that is the compression of space and the extension of time.

Juxtaposing Perspectives from the Air and on the Ground The scenery outside the windows documents personal perspectives while the Google Earth images present objective views. The two sets of imagery delve into the correlation between spatial distances and the visual speed: the low-angle, close-range views disappearing in an instant, while the scenery in the distance remains still, bringing varying sensations of speed while moving in the same actual time and space.

Synchronization to Actual Time-Space Movements The screening time coincides with the timetable of Taiwan High Speed Rail: starting when a train leaves a station and stopping as it reaches its terminal, followed by another train in the opposite direction. Each moment of the 9-hour work is unique and non-repeating, aligning with physical trains running in real-time, passing through true locations somewhere across the landscape, presenting experiences in actual times of the day.

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